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Philadelphia United Baptist Church
"Recent Events"
This page contains links to photo pages of different events recently held at the church

Here they are !!! The photos from this years "All Acappella" Gospel Sing.  It was a great evening and these photos will serve a good reminders of how blessed the evening was.

Photos of the All - Acappella Outdoor Gospel Sing 8/00


The Philadelphia United Baptist Church is proud to sponsor the Boy Scouts of America.  Once a year we hold a "Scout Sunday" when all the scouts and their parents are our guests.  After the service the Church serves dinner to the young men and their families.  This year's Scout Sunday was held on February 20, 2000. Check out some pictures of the day.

Photos of Scout Sunday

It is such a joy and such a blessing when another lost sheep finds it's way back into the safety of the fold that we just want to be able to share some of our joy with you.  It is wonderful to know that God is still saving souls who call upon Him thru the name of His precious Son, Jesus Christ !

Photos of Recent Baptisms at Philadelphia

Each year the Philadelphia Church does something special for the children in the congregation. This year was no exception. The annual children's Christmas Party was held December 16, 1999. While we don't have the names of all the children that attended, it is evident in their faces that they had a good time !

Photos of the ChristmasParty12/16/99

Our little Church has been blessed to have several young couples as members. We are no more proud of any than Rick Ellison and Bonnie Ritchie. This wonderful couple allowed us, as their Church family, to be a part of one of the happiest days of their lives when they were joined as husband and wife. They have now moved to Florida where Rick's' job has taken them and they are missed at each and every service. We continue to pray that God will bless them and their home and send them back to us soon.

Photos of Rick and Bonnie's Wedding 12/99


In order to promote "acappella" singing which has almost become a lost art and to encourage and up-lift those who put so much time and effort into this style of singing, each year at the Philadelphia Church we hold an ALL-ACAPPELLA Outdoor Gospel sing. This year's sing was held on August 21st and none in attendance were disappointed! The weather was GREAT, the singing was the best and the turn out was wonderful. This year's sing was held as a benefit with all donations going toward a new sound system for the church. For those who could not attend, we can't do much about the great singing you missed but we can show you some photos of what when on !

Photos of the All - Acappella Outdoor Gospel Sing 9/99


We have been blessed in our little church with wonderful examples of how we should live our lives. We have had not just one, but two fine Christian couples celebrate 50 years of committed Christian marriage. The second couple that just celebrated with a renewal of their wedding vows on August 28, 1999 was our own Pastor and his wife, Brother Don and Sister Betty Napier. I heard someone say the other day that when they see Don and Betty they think of a young married couple because they still hold hands and act like they are so in love with each other. I can't think of a better way to describe how a Christian marriage should be ! It was a beautiful ceremony that will long be remembered in our little church. If you were not able to attend or just want to enjoy what took place all over again, click the link below for photographs.

Photos at Don and Betty's 50th Anniversary 9/99


In this day and time when some people change mates as often as shoes it is truly a blessing to see couples committed to a partner "until death do us part". It was a particular blessing to see such a couple come together on their 50th anniversary and renew their commitment to each other. The special couple I am talking about is Brother Paul B. and Sister Lynn Watts. We enjoyed watching such a beautiful and moving ceremony take place and it was a wonderful example to all of us of what a Christian marriage should be. For those who weren't able to attend we hope you will be able to enjoy just a little of what took place through the photos at the link below.

Photos at Paul and Lynn's 50th Anniversary 8/99



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