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Philadelphia United Baptist Church
"Recent Baptisms"
This page contains photos of baptisms recently conducted at the church

The baptism of Susan Sansom January 23, 2000 at the hands of Elder Don C. Napier and Brother Tommy Damron.  Susan and her mother were very happy as well as the whole church congregation !

The baptism of James Booton January 16, 2000 at the hands of Elder Don C. Napier and 
Brother Tommy Damron.   The Church is pleased to have this young brother as a member.

The baptism of Tiffany Dawn Stamper January 9, 2000 at the hands of Elder Don 
Napier and Elder Don C. Napier while her family and the Church congregation looks on.

The Baptism of Robert Dale Jack at the hands of Elder Don Napier and Elder Don C. Napier, his father-in-law and brother-in-law, on April  8 , 2000.  We asked the Lord to send more laborers into the field and He is answering our prayers. What a joyous way to start our revival.
In obedience ....              


         "Praise the Lord !"
               Prayers answered  !      


Bob's mother and wife Linda watch.
Their home will be forever different !



Millie Pauley was baptized on April  9, 2000 at the hands of Elder Don Napier and Elder Don C. Napier. Millie is the mother of Sister Sherri Napier, wife of our Assistant Pastor Don C. Napier. The Lord has truly answered prayers and blessed our congregation again. 

We are sorry that no photographs 
are available at this time.

The Baptism of Eddie Lee Jack at the hands of Elder Don Napier and Elder Don C. Napier, his Grandfather and Uncle on April 16, 2000. The blessed ending of a wonderful week of revival.

               Eddie Jack hugs his dad as the     
               Church family welcomes him in.
 Just prior to being buried with Christ in 
 baptism and the start of a brand new life !
          As is commanded.....   Eddie embraces his Grandfather.


     Wife Becky (R), baby son Levi and           
     Becky's sister watch.
    Eddie's Mom, Dad and Grandmother 
    are overjoyed!
Max and Casey have some tough, and sometimes 
funny questions to ask Uncle Donnie about baptism.

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